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We Serve. Coffee pastry caseRecently, Findlay became home to one of those most innovative concepts for a coffee shop. After thinking it over, I have become convinced that our new kid on the block, We Serve. Coffee, could actually be the greatest place to have a first date. Don’t believe me? Here’s why:

  • For a first date, you really want to have sort of a set time limit, just in case the date is a dud. We Serve. Coffee not only has a great selection of coffees, but it also has a fantastic lunch menu. If you want to just check your date out over a lunch hour, you can do that. Or if you want to leave the opportunity open for more time, try a coffee date. Coffee dates are expected to be shorter, but there is nothing to say that if the chemistry is right, you can’t stay longer in one of the big, comfy chairs. 
  • You want to impress your date with how awesome you are. What is more awesome than donating to charity? 100% of profits from We Serve. Coffee go to local and global needs. Be sure to drop this information into casual conversation to impress your date with your impeccable good taste and big heart.
  • Keeping a conversation going is always a challenge during a first date. Not at We Serve. Coffee. Just take a look around for a ton of topics. You can talk about the iPad and Square register system. You can talk about the local artists on the walls. Or how about the commitment to serve tasty items in sustainable packaging? I could honestly go on all day. You can be guaranteed that there will be no awkward pauses.
  • Quite simply, the food is great. I sampled the Cafe Mocha, which was strong and oh so chocolaty. I then took some scones over to some girlfriends to have a full-on tasting panel. We all agreed that these are a must-try. And it’s clear from everyone that has stopped into We Serve. Coffee that many of the goodies fall into that must-try category.

So give We Serve. Coffee a try. With the new extended weekend hours starting in March, there will be plenty of opportunities to do just that with or without a special someone.

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