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Amy May's Rockin' TacoSummer is here! That means warm weather, beautiful scenery and… FOOD TRUCKS!

Yup, Findlay does have its very own food truck scene. These small businesses on wheels can be found around town and at our local festivals throughout the summer. So there is no excuse not to make a stop. 

One of my favorites has to be Amy May’s Rockin’ Taco. Mostly because they serve one of my absolute favorite things in the world: nachos. I don’t care what anyone says. There is just no way to get enough nachos. 

When I pulled up to Amy May’s, I knew that I was in for a treat. There was already a line forming, and these people were definitely excited for tacos. There was even a woman with a list of orders from her office. I resisted the urge to ask her if I could work in her office, but Taco Day does sound like it should be a weekly holiday in everybody’s office. 

I got up to the front of the line pretty quickly to put in my order. I quickly spied two little heads, along with the two grown ups working the line. This is definitely a family business. By supporting this truck, you are not just supporting a great business. You are supporting a family, and there’s something awesome about seeing that in person. 

I put in my order for nachos with just about everything on them and stood off to the side to wait for my food. Things were coming out quickly, and the owner, Amy, seemed to be in her element. Making food for people and then giving it to them with a big grin seems to be in her blood. And a food truck is the perfect way for her to be able to make something awesome and still interact with all of her customers in a fun way. 

My nachos made an appearance through the window, and I was in heaven. Generous toppings, the spicy nacho cheese that just makes life better and a great chip. The serving size was extremely generous. I could have easily made two meals out of it. But you know… nachos. I totally ate them all right there, because that’s what you should do with nachos. 

Amy May’s Rockin’ Taco makes appearances all around town, weather permitting. If you want to know when and where to find her truck, be sure to like her Facebook page to get updates. I assure you, you want to find this truck as often as possible. 

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