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Charming Finds BoutiqueSomething charming has found it’s way to Sandusky Street. 

Charming Finds Boutique stocks amazing gifts of all kinds. From jewelry to gifts, you will find a little of everything. That’s where most stores of this nature will stop. But just selling delightful items is not enough for Charming Finds.

The day I stopped in, the owner greeted me and we chatted about her store. 

“But what we’re really known for is chalk paint.”

Me: “That sounds crafty. I’m much better at making a mess.”

Her, laughing: “My mom thought the same thing, but she is really good at it.”

That’s right: Charming Finds Boutique carries chalk paint, a type of paint that is ideal to make old items new again with beautiful flair. Many of the items throughout the store have received this treatment with spectacular results. Think shabby chic, but a bit more upscale. It’s unique and would go with just about any decor. And in the case of Charming Finds, you will find a lot of color in their chalk paint pieces. 

Charming Finds BoutiqueAnd yes, the actual paint is for sale for your do-it-yourself projects. But in true charming fashion, this shop is not content to let you just take the paint and go. You can find classes throughout the summer to help you learn the process to make your own chalk paint projects. I was assured no crafty talents are needed. So even if you just wish you could create something beautiful, you will definitely learn how to do just that by the end of one of these classes. Keep an eye on the website for classes for many different levels of craftiness.

So whether you’re looking for a beautiful gift, something to decorate your home or how to create something of your own, get to Charming Finds Boutique to help you with all of the above. You won’t regret it. 

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