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We are getting closer and closer to naming a winner. Votes have been tabulated and it’s time to name the final four…

The Fabulous Four

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Logan’s Irish Pub
Jac & Do’s Pizza

What Sweet Dreams Are Made Of

Dietsch Brothers
Bread Kneads

The Players

Wow! You guys knew what you liked this round. LOTS of people guessed all four winners. And I like to think it’s because these are truly some of the best that Findlay has to offer.

It warms my heart that Deb Love guessed perfectly this round. Who can’t root for someone that is voting for what she loves about Findlay and just so happens to have the last name Love? There is just a whole lot of Findlay Love here.

Katie Whitta also got in there with a perfect score. I’m not saying that she’s looking to throw some elbows around with Brian Whitta. I’m just saying that it’s a really good possibility.

Congratulations to everyone that is in it to win it! Now it’s time to vote in Round Three. Don’t forget. Get your friends to help you win by asking them to vote for your favorites. We’re getting close to the end and we want to see lots of winners!

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