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Art has become a big deal in Findlay. But these aren’t your mama’s galleries. Much like everything else we do, they’re a little different and a little spectacular. So take a journey with me through just three of our sparkling gems in Findlay.

Red Tornado Arts Production

Red Tornado is certainly the best name for this gallery. While I was there, I was struck by all of the bright colors and creative ways of displaying the art. They curate art from local artists, as well as international artists, and might even encourage you to make your own masterpiece.


Mazza Museum

Usually you hear “museum” and you think stuffy. This is the case at Mazza. Bring your kids and spend the afternoon reading their favorite stories, while looking at the process the illustrators went through to bring those stories to life. You can see everything from Mickey to the Cat in the Hat, plus a few talented artists you may not have heard of… yet.


Rieck’s Gallery

Although it looks like just any old art supply store from the outside, Rieck’s is one of the biggest treasures in downtown Findlay. There is art displayed throughout the space, from the quirky to the drop dead gorgeous pieces. You can get lost in the expansiveness of this space and easily lose a few hours. And you never know… You might end up so inspired that you take some supplies home to create something yourself.

These are just a few of our favorites, but there are so much more. Where do you go when you want to see fantastic art in Findlay?

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