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One of my friends said, “Let’s hit up Bread Kneads for lunch.” I’d heard about their amazing cookies, so I quickly agreed. The problem was that I really had no idea what I was in for.

We walked in and my friend explained that there were two ways to order:  You can create your own sandwich or you could dive into one of the many awesome things in the case or on the menu. If you choose to create your own sandwich, you take a piece of paper from the top of the case and fill out your choices.

I looked around at the scenery, took in that two of the people behind the counter were definitely yelling random things at each other and decided that it was best to go with a mushroom brie soup and garden vegetable pizza on French bread. When there’s a little crazy going on, I try not to disturb it too much. My friend reminded me about the cookie and I added one to my order.

We sat down towards the front of Bread Kneads so I could take everything in more thoroughly. It’s a smaller cafe with black and white tiles checkering the floor. There’s something familiar about it. It’s almost like you’re in Flo’s Diner. But wait, did Flo ever come out to question why two customers have the same name or who the ring leader in their group is? No? So yes, there is quite a bit of banter that goes on here. Everyone laughs and you sometimes forget that what you actually came here for was food. No problems. They’ll yell your name when it’s ready.

We dug in. The soup was the perfect amount of richness and my French bread pizza was filled with freshness. But honestly, I wanted to dive into the soup and never leave. My goal in life is to learn how to make that soup so I am never without it. Yes, I’m a soup fanatic, but the soup really was that good. And then my cookie? It held all of my hopes and dreams of what the perfect cookie should be. It met every single one.

So Bread Kneads is not for the faint of heart, but it is definitely a must stop for the Findlay foodie. Come for the amazing food. Stay for the lunch theatre.

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