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photo-17For fun, I decided to take some facts about our Hancock County Courthouse and put them in perspective. Yes, my idea of fun may be a little different than yours, but we shall agree to disagree.

How much did it cost to build our Hancock County Courthouse?

After all was said and done, it cost $511,010. According to an inflation calculator, that is $12,463,658.54. WOW!

How big is our courthouse?

It is 82 ft by 142 ft and is 139.5 ft tall. That makes for 65,340 sq ft of awesome. But I think this might be a little too massive to really comprehend, so…

You can lay 14.16 average-sized men across the width of the courthouse.

You can lay 24.53 average-sized men across the length of the courthouse.

If each person stands on the other’s head, the courthouse is 24.09 people high, but that just sounds uncomfortable.

You can put 32.65 of the homes built in the Midwest in 2010 into the courthouse. I’m guessing it might get crowded though.

How tall is the John Hancock statue?

It is 16 ft tall. So that is about the size of 3 John Hancocks. Just one would probably be hard to see from that high.

Want to learn more about what makes our courthouse so amazing? Check out our latest video, Everybody’s Building and then join Tom for his next tour of this beautiful building.

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