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photo-1-14I was in my friend’s office talking through a project, when all of a sudden she jumped up. “WE’RE GOING TO THE BAKER’S CAFE FOR LUNCH! WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!”

First off, I had no clue that her eyes could bug out like they did. Secondly, I didn’t know that if we hadn’t made it to the Baker’s Cafe by 11:45 am, this constituted a national emergency. But it most definitely does, my friends.

We arrived, and I was instructed to put my coat on the first table we spotted. We got into what was a very manageable line. I perused the menu, locating the From the Garden panini. It even sounded like it was full of the veggie goodness that makes me ever so happy.

When it was our turn to place our order, my friend let me go first.

“I’ll take the From the Garden panini and a water, please.” I was given a side eye.

After an uncomfortable silence, my friend said, “And?” I looked at her not knowing what to say. “It’s called Baker’s Cafe. You have to try one of those.” She pointed in the direction of a dizzying array of baked goods.

“Oh! A fudge brownie please!” She then ordered the well-known Aloha panini and a fudge brownie as well.

We happily chatted at our table as we waited for food. As if on cue, at 12 noon the line was through the door, and the cafe became extremely busy. Phew! So yes, if you’re coming be sure to get there early, especially if you want a seat. This is a Findlay hotspot and for good reason.

Baker's Cafe Fudge BrownieOur paninis arrived along with our warmed up fudge brownies. I sunk my teeth into a buttery, crispy bread, followed by the ooey gooey cheese and finished it with the crisp of fresh vegetables. Every single bite sent a flavor sensation through my mouth. I may have said, “I could die happy right now.” And my friend might have agreed. Those paninis were just that good.

And then we had the brownie. You know, I kind of always like chocolate, especially brownies. But I feel like something was put into this one, because I never wanted that brownie to end. In fact, when I was left looking at that empty plate, a little tear escaped my eye. Please never leave me like this again, Baker’s Cafe brownie.

Baker’s Cafe is a place that love is poured into. You can tell that by the offerings that they keep coming up with (I mean, a chocolate-covered cherry latte?!), but you can feel it with every bite of their food. I highly recommend a stop. But remember: get there early and get the brownie.

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