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For the holidays, I like to spoil my mom with a gift that helps her relax. Well, I simply don’t have the cash for an all-out spa vacation, so I had to look for the next best thing. And I found it at DorAnne’s. Yes, getting a candle is kind of the go-to as a mom gift, but these are different than your traditional candle gift. They are wickless candles in the shape of a bowl that shows off a beautiful dried flower and potpourri design in the middle. Regular candles leave you with worries about a curious little grandchild that gets hurt while being entranced by the delightful light. My mom’s youngest grandchild is fifteen, and we still have these concerns. Also forgetful moms don’t have to worry about blowing out the flame before bed, and yet, they will still get the wonderful scents of a traditional candle. And if a traditional candle is really more your mom’s style, DorAnne’s has those as well. So make a stop and pick out that perfect item that will make  your mom feel loved. Oh and don’t worry… DorAnne’s is more than happy to wrap your present, so that you don’t arrive with the gift in a grocery bag… again.

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