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The Dressing Room BoutiqueI have a secret: I really love dresses, but nothing overly girly. My sweet spot is knee-length dresses that can be worn day-to-night. I may have an embarrassingly large collection of these dresses in my closet. So when I heard that a new women’s clothing boutique was opening downtown, I was cautiously optimistic that I would have a new place to feed my addiction. I was not disappointed.

Walking into The Dressing Room Boutique, I was greeted with a very elegant store. Every piece of decor had a purpose and that purpose was to make the store feel special, yet approachable. And that extended to the clothing options.

I found really wearable fashions that were spot-on as far as trends go. And yes, I found a pretty great selection of my favorite kinds of dresses. But in addition to the great professional looks, I found great options for casual and dressed-up outfits. Basically, everything needed for the basics of a wardrobe was available to me, as well as some trendier choices.

As I started looking through their dresses, one of the two very helpful people working piped up with, “We carry a limited selection, so once your size is gone, it’s gone.”

Ack! Some urgency was now added. If there was something I loved, it had to come home today or else I may never see it again. And an added bonus was that, unlike department store shopping, it was really unlikely that I’d see anyone else wearing what I pick up. It was about this time that my eyes fell on one of the price tags. “Wait. Is this really the price?” I was looking at dresses that I would have happily paid $100 or more for with a price tag of $50.

With a grin, the woman helping me said, “We don’t believe in sales. We want to give you the best price now.” Double score.

I found the perfect dress to add to my collection and went to the dressing rooms to try it on. These were also decorated with many of the loving touches that the store had received. This really felt like a very upscale boutique with prices that in no way kill my budget.

The dress was perfect and needed to come home with me. As I checked out, I admired many of the gorgeous purses behind the counter and the other great accessories throughout the boutique. There was truly some great stuff here, and I plan to be back soon.

The Dressing Room Boutique carries sizes from XS-XL and 2-16. It is perfect for women in their 20s and up. And with their helpful sales staff, you can be assured that you will find the perfect outfit for whatever you event you are going to or if you just want something cute to bum around in. This is definitely a must-stop shop.

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