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Fall in FindlayFall is a tremendous time to go exploring. That perfect crispness in the air makes you want to fall into leaves, fall into adventure and fall into love, whether it be with a person or all of your beautiful surroundings.

And all of our beautiful surroundings make us fall in love with Findlay over and over again. The trees! The smells! And all of the wonderful people you meet while exploring it all! It’s enough to make you want to never see it end.

Here are a few of our favorite places to fall in love with again and again:

Riverside Park

With all of the great spring and summer activities in Riverside Park, it can be easy to forget that one of the prettiest times to check it out is in the fall. You can crunch, crunch, crunch the leaves under your feet as you walk through. You can curl up on a park bench by the Blanchard River and just take in all of the beauty surrounding you. You can just have a moment of filling yourself up on all that this season brings. Or you can run around playing on the playground with your kids with a big smile on your face. Either way, this is a great place to fall in love with fall.

Riverbend Recreation Area

Hay rides and an amazing amount of fall color. That is the Riverbend Recreation Area. And there is something particularly lovely about checking out fall in this park: One of the entrances takes you right through a covered bridge. There is really nothing that will make you better prepared for getting lost on trails and a day of playing around than those few moments going through the covered bridge.

Findlay Reservoir

For some, the best part of fall is just taking in the wonderful scents and feeling that crisp air on your face. In our opinion, the best place to do that is the Findlay Reservoir. By climbing up those steps to the top of the hill, you are transported away to a place where your worries are no more and the scenery is just gorgeous. It’s easy to lose a whole afternoon to just being alone with your thoughts there, as the sun sinks deeper into the sky.

These are just a few of the places we like to check out during this time of year. Where do you like to go in Hancock County?

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