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Blogger Pat Bauman is taking you through the history of Findlay’s glass industry.  You can read her previous blogs on The Columbia Glass Company, and Dalzell, Gilmore, and Leighton companies here.

The fifth and last flint glass company to locate in Findlay was the Findlay Flint Glass Company.  This was a new company organized in Findlay November 5, 1888.  Several prominent men were connected with the company:  Attorney Elijah T. Dunn, Ernest Bacher and David T. Winders.  There were several non-local investors, as well.


Construction of the factory commenced January 18, 1889.  The 85’ x 210’ brick and stone building had one furnace.  The first glass made at the factory was August 12. 1889.  The factory had its own private gas well that provided plenty of fuel and it employed about 150 people.  The factory was totally destroyed by fire of an undetermined nature on June 6, 1891, after only 23 months of operation. 

Plans were made  to rebuild the factory but this never came to be.  It went to sheriff’s sale March 10, 1900 and the real estate was sold for $100 to local investor Emanuel Wyssbrod.

Visit Findlay blogger & local history buff Pat Bauman completes her Findlay Glass series exploring the history of the Findlay Flint Glass Co. •

A display and information on Findlay Glass can be found at the Hancock Historical Museum

You can learn more about Findlay’s glass industry and see pieces in-person (and even buy some!) at the Hancock Historical Museum.  

This blog post was written by Visit Findlay blogger Pat Bauman.  Pat is a Findlay history buff, author, mom and grandmother.  That isn’t much, is it?  Learn more about Pat and read her other blog posts here!


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