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Rossilli's‘Tis the season to gather. Whether it’s with friends, family or coworkers, this is the season of coming together and celebrating all of the wonderful gifts in our lives.

So if you are looking to spread a bit of cheer in Findlay, we have a few recommendations for your next holiday gathering.

A Gathering with Coworkers

Sometimes gatherings with coworkers can be awkward, so you want to look for ways to combat that. And that’s why we recommend Legends Steakhouse & Sports Bar. With constant sports games on their televisions, your coworkers will have the opportunity to bond over a mutual love of a particular team. Plus, the Hancock Sports Hall of Fame that is located inside of this restaurant provides another great conversation starter. Add to that a menu with a little something for everyone, this is a great choice for your work get-together.

A Gathering with Friends

When you’re celebrating with friends, you can relax and just be. And for that, you have to make a stop at Logan’s Irish Pub. The dark wood and murals all create an old world vibe that makes for the perfect atmosphere for holiday cheer with friends. The menu is filled with Irish comfort food that is perfect for the colder weather. The beer list provides a great mix of old favorites as well as must-try craft beers. It all makes for a great choice for a laid back get-together with friends.

A Gathering with Family

A lot of family get-togethers are known for the passing around of food and lots of catching up. For that, we think Rossilli’s Restaurant is a great option. From appetizers to pastas to desserts, the menu is full of shareable options. And you’ll have plenty of bottles of wine to choose from for sharing. Basically all of the ingredients for the perfect family gathering.

A Happy Hour Gathering

If your get-together is looking for the latest trend, The Bourbon Affair is a great bet. The speakeasy vibe is great for a darker holiday theme. Craft cocktails are a hot trend that almost everyone can get behind. Plus, the large selection of whiskeys means you can even turn happy hour into a whiskey tasting. You definitely have options to attract just about anyone to this gathering.

If these recommendations aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, then check out our list of restaurants. We have every kind of restaurant in Findlay and can definitely meet the needs of any group.

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