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Legends Veggie BurgerIt started off with the Facebook photos. Big, juicy burgers topped with all kinds of goodness. It got to the point where I thought Legends was taunting me. 

These new burgers found a home on Legends’ menu and it seemed just like a match made in heaven. Who wouldn’t want to bite into an amazing burger while enjoying a beer and watching the latest sports game? It’s just the absolute perfect night. 

So I walked into Legends one night expecting great things. 

I picked up the draft beer menu and got a chuckle out of the message on top of it: “Save water. Drink beer.” I’ve found my people. 

I ordered a beer off of their perfectly curated craft beer menu and then turned my attention to the burgers. You can build your own or you can pick from several amazing combinations. 

Now here’s where I made a controversial choice: I went with The Pretender. Why was that controversial? Well, there was no actual beef in my burger. It has a patty made out of quinoa and black beans. I have had MANY veggie burgers in my life and have found that they tend to be the test of a craft burger menu. If the patty is well-seasoned and stays together, I have found the rest of the burger menu will tend to be amazing. I can’t explain why this is the case. It just is. 

And with that in mind, I ordered the Pretender with a side of sweet potato fries with the hopes of being wowed. 

Well, I was, and it was in all of the best ways. 

I took a bite, and an explosion of flavor greeted me. The patty was perfectly seasoned and, dare I say, meaty. I don’t know how they achieved that, but this thick burger really did have the feel of a traditional beef burger. The toppings enhanced that flavor with a sort of tanginess that I loved. And the most magical part? The patty stayed together. Despite being extremely thick, Legends has the secret to making sure that it doesn’t turn into a mess on your plate. I assure you this is highly unusual and will definitely keep me coming back for this burger. 

And then I turned my attention to the sweet potato fries, which were also amazing. The sweetness paired with the crunchiness made for all kinds of deliciousness. I could see myself devouring as many as they are willing to put in front of me with absolutely no regrets. 

So I know what you’re about to say, “So what if the veggie burger is good? That means nothing about those beef burgers.” Well, I can tell you that the beef burgers are equally as good. The flavors are just as spot-on, including an awesome patty with fresh toppings. And although I can’t vouch for the regular fries yet (seriously, you can’t get me to order anything other than those sweet potato fries), I have heard those are just as tasty as well. 

Whether you’re looking for one of the best beef or veggie burgers of your life, you’ve got to get to Legends


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