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Japan West Chef I’ll admit I was a little frightened of Japan West. I had peeked in the door many a time and thought, “Next time, I’ll be brave enough.” Next time… for sure. And finally, my non-adventurous spirit found itself going through a door that had scared me so many times before.

What scared me so much? Japan West is the real deal when it comes to Japanese food. For someone that is so used to the American version of everything, the real deal is scary. But this was a fear that needed to be overcome for what many consider the best food in the area.

I was directed to a seat in front of the chef. I turned my attention to the menu and realized quickly that I was lost. There were words that I didn’t understand, and a sushi menu that I decided didn’t apply to me. I made it through the door today, and adding sushi to the challenge just seemed like too much.

I caught my waiter’s eye. “I’m not sure where to begin,” and I pointed to the menu.

He grabbed the sushi menu and said, “Try the Ohio roll.”

I’m not sure if he caught my deer-in-headlights look, but I didn’t know what to say. I managed to stammer out, “Okay,” and hoped that I wouldn’t live to regret this.

Japan West SushiAfter a relatively short time, I was given a smile and a beautifully colorful dish from the chef. I took it with a bit of trepidation. I still wasn’t fully sure that I could do this. But after several deep breaths, I dug in.

WHERE HAS SUSHI BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE?! The Ohio roll had rice, wasabi, asparagus and peas. I could taste the bright freshness on the plate, and the bit of a kick only added to it. I happily cleaned my plate and lamented that I had never had this experience before. Yes, it was my fault, but let’s just overlook that.

The waiter came back over and asked me what I had thought. I bit my lip and came clean. “This was my first time having sushi.”

He looked at the clean plate dubiously. “Really?”

“Yes, and it won’t be my last.” He smiled a smile of one that had truly triumphed. And let’s face it, getting me to be this happy over sushi was seriously a triumph.

The food and the service at Japan West are both truly impeccable. I highly suggest trusting your server and letting him lead you on an adventure that you never thought you would take. It’s perfect for date night or for a girls night. An adventure like Japan West is always best when experienced with laughs and the ones you love.

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