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I know it’s hard to believe, but spring really is just a few short weeks away. Yes, we have blue skies, blooming flowers and singing birds in our very near future. And that means lots of outdoor adventures as well.

One of our favorite outdoor adventures? Hands down, it’s taking a walk down our Main Street to wonder at our gorgeous historic homes. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon day-dreaming.

Historic Homes

Just park downtown, where the parking is plentiful. You can grab lunch at one of the many restaurants, but consider our new kid on the block, We Serve. Coffee. You can grab something delicious to eat and then take a coffee to go.

Historic Homes

And now it’s time to work off those calories. Walk south. The pride that everyone has in our historic homes will be apparent immediately. The care that was taken in the details of each home will make your jaw drop. And did you know that some of our homes have third floor ballrooms? See if you can pick out which ones!

Historic Homes

And if you’d like a guided tour, we can help you with that. Our Historic Findlay Walking Tour will give you the background on many of our homes and will help you locate some of our most beautiful homes.

And when you are done exploring, you can always make a stop at The Wine Merchant and be guided to the perfect bottle of wine to help you continue your dreaming of what it must have been like in Findlay during the Gas Boom. Or maybe you’re dreaming of what it must be like to live in those amazing homes, surrounded by the history of our town everyday. And yes, the staff of The Wine Merchant knows what wine will go with each of those dreams.

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