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Thai House LunchSometimes the most magical places are those that you dismiss at first.

I had driven past Thai House a number of times, but had never considered going in. There are so many wonderful places to eat in Findlay that this small place just never quite made my list until…

“I really want to take you to this place, because it’s my favorite. But I don’t want anybody else to know about it.” My friend bit her lip as she looked down. I pushed her to tell me where. “Thai House,” she proclaimed reverently. After I explained to her that she couldn’t just tell me all of this without taking me there, we planned lunch there.

At the appointed time, I entered to find a sunny interior and an immediate welcome. I found a seat in their small dining room and perused a lengthy menu. I was lost in a sea of yumminess and had to stop to ask for directions.


“What should I get?”

“I usually get one of the specials because those are all awesome.” I looked to where she pointed at four more carefully crafted dishes and immediately settled on the Pad Ped Nor Mai. Spicy and loaded with veggies is just my speed.

We placed our respective orders, and in no time, we had our colorful meals in front of us. The portions were large, which was great because the food was tasty. The veggies were cooked perfectly and the tofu complimented the dish perfectly. And the sauce? Just the right amount of spice, where it definitely gave the
dish a kick but did not burn.

Thai House dessert

As I stared longingly at an empty plate, my friend chose to make an announcement, “Just so you know, we’re getting dessert too.” I eyed her. “Don’t give me that look. You’ll have room as soon as you see it.”

The chef was called over and she excitedly told us about her bananas foster. We were instantly sold. 

Once again, within minutes our dessert was in front of us. Two egg rolls (one with sticky rice and the other with bananas) sat next to a helping of ice cream, and the whole plate was drizzled with chocolate. My friend was right. Any fullness I was feeling was instantly replaced the need to get this in my belly. We fought over the two egg rolls with the glee of two little girls faced with the most wonderful dessert ever. And I contemplated how everything should really come in egg roll form, because it was truly amazing.

Thai House is a great place for a quick lunch or carryout. Because of the small dining room, plan to come during off-times if you plan to eat in. And also plan for a fantastic meal. But don’t worry about leaving room for dessert. You’ll find a way. 

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