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While completing my first year at University of Findlay, I had an opportunity to explore the City of Findlay between my classes and studying, here are my 10 favorite places!

1. George House

When I don’t have a lot of time, I just walk right across Main Street to George House – it is so convenient to have a coffee shop right across the street from the University and is one of my two favorite coffee shops in town.  Besides the amazing coffee and drinks, George House quickly became one of my favorite spots to study or meet with friends. I think this is one of my favorite places simply because of the atmosphere; I am an avid reader, so I love and appreciate the shelves and shelves of books.

2. We Serve. Coffee

However, when I’m not in a rush and have time to go Downtown, I always go to We Serve. Coffee! This is such a special place, not only because of their amazing coffee drinks in lots of unique flavors, but because of their cause. We Serve. Coffee serves all fair-trade coffee and they donate their profits to local charities.

3. Fort Findlay Coffee and Doughnuts

And, what goes best with coffee? Doughnuts!  I was first introduced to Fort Findlay Coffee and Doughnuts by one of my professors who brought in donuts to my class. The caramel apple doughnut that I got was so good that I knew I needed to check this place out. My favorite thing to get is a “long john” as I call it, or a “cream stick” as some of my friends correct me- either way, its delicious!

4. Dietsch Brothers

Before I even started at the University of Findlay, there was one place my family would always stop anytime we came to town – Dietsch Brothers Fine Chocolates and Ice Cream. Dietsch’s has been a family tradition for many years, my grandpa went to UF back when it was Findlay College and he always brings ice cream balls from Dietsch’s to each family birthday party.  After coming to college, many of my friends quickly fell in love with Dietsch’s too, and we set a goal to try every flavor of ice cream by the time we graduate!

5. Archie’s

While Dietsch’s has amazing hard dipped ice cream, when I’m in the mood for soft serve I always go to Archie’s! They have a huge menu, so I know that there is a flurry, shake, and sundae for everyone. Archie’s is also close to campus, so while it is still warm out, my friends and I love to walk there- because the walking cancels out the ice cream, right?

6. Wilson’s

After coming home for the summer, I have certainly missed all my favorite places in Findlay to grab a bite to eat! Up first is a classic – Wilson’s.  My grandpa would bring me here when I was little after going to UF basketball games. My grandpa is 82 now, and he still goes to every UF basketball game… and takes me out to Wilson’s afterwards. Malts are my favorite thing to get at Wilson’s – I love to sit at one of the stools along the window and dip my French fries in it, but you can’t go wrong with a hamburger and pie!

Visit Findlay Blogger and University of Findlay sophomore Sarah shares her top 10 favorite places in Findlay she has experienced as student so far! •

Head to Wilsons for a malt, hamburger, and fries!

7. Main Street Deli

Another one of my favorite places to eat is Main Street Deli.  Two of my teachers from high school graduated from the University of Findlay and the first recommendation they gave me was Main Street Deli. During Homecoming weekend they came to town and treated me to a meal.  After that great experience I was so excited to find out that Main Street Deli is one of the local restaurants on the UF dining plan too.

Visit Findlay Blogger and University of Findlay sophomore Sarah shares her top 10 favorite places in Findlay she has experienced as student so far! •

I love Main Street Deli – even more because of it is on UF dining plan!

8. Heavenly Pizza

Throughout my first year of college, I learned that there is way more opportunities for 11 p.m. pizza runs than I would have ever thought. After ordering a lot of pizza, I quickly decided that Heavenly Pizza was my absolute favorite.  I was sure that no other place would be as good as my hometown favorite spot, so I was pleasantly surprised when Heavenly Pizza met my high expectations.  I think my favorite thing about their pizza is the sweet sauce- so yummy!

9. Flag City Clothing

While Findlay has so many great places to eat, they also have lots of cool places to shop, one of my favorite stores is Flag City Clothing! They have such a nice selection of graphic tees, Findlay and Ohio apparel, and sweatshirts. I got one of my favorite Dietsch Brothers shirts from Flag City Clothing and I wear it all the time!

10. Findlay Reservoirs

If I had to pick my one, absolute favorite place in Findlay, it would be the Riverbend-Findlay Reservoirs. I first went to the reservoir when Campus Ministry had a sunset worship night, and it has been one of my favorite spots since. The reservoir is a great place to go for a walk and the water is calm and quiet in the mornings, making for a peaceful start to the day. It is also a great place to take a blanket and read, study, or have a picnic. However, my favorite time to go to the reservoir is at sunset- it is always so beautiful, and after the sun goes down, I usually like to stay and look at the stars for a bit!

This blog post was written by University of Findlay sophomore Sarah Lipscomb.  Stay tuned for more articles from Sarah coming soon!

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