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snow reservoir stairsOne of the most popular New Year’s Resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle.  In Hancock County there are many opportunities to do just that.  Every week we will be featuring a different way for healthy living in Hancock County and this week is how to reduce stress and have fun in Hancock County!

Winter Sports

Anyone who has tried to cross-country ski will tell you it is hard work but a lot of fun.  In Hancock County we have the opportunity, through our parks, to learn how to cross-country ski, rent equipment every weekend, and even go on a night ski.  What better way to get your heart-rate up, enjoy the winter weather, and have fun; learn more about this opportunity at!  All winter activities in Hancock County are fun and many are great exercise as well.  Make sure you go sledding, ice skating, play winter disc golf and much more to take full advantage of this weather before it melts away!  Check out more winter activities that Hancock County has to offer!


If, in pursuit of healthy living, getting outdoors is part of your resolution, then the arrival of spring means good news for you; it is golf season!  There is no shortage of golf courses in Hancock County so you will have plenty of opportunities to get on a course.  Playing 18 is not just great exercise, it is also a chance to relax and enjoy time on the green with your friends.  Skip the cart and make it even more beneficial!  Check out these locations to golf in Hancock County!


Hancock County is known for cycling, as we are home to the Hancock Horizontal Hundred.  But if you aren’t looking to take part in that event (yet), there are still plenty of opportunities to see the beauty of Hancock County from a bike seat!  Two bike trails you must check out are the Blanchard River Greenway bike trail and the Van Buren Park bike trail.  For more trails visit or pick up a bike trail map at the Hancock County Welcome Center at 123 E. Main Cross St. in Findlay.

Boating on the Blanchard

The Blanchard River runs right through the heart of Hancock County and can be the source of lots of fun this summer!  The Hancock Park District recently received a grant in order to build new boat launches along the Blanchard River, which will take place this year.  The Hancock Park District is also planning many group floats, in addition to their regular canoe and kayak rentals from Zonta Landing at Riverside Park.  If you are looking for a water activity that is a little more laid back, rent a paddle boat for even more fun.  Boat rentals are available for $5/half hour and run Memorial Day – Labor Day.  So rent the boat of your choice and enjoy a few hours of fun on the Blanchard!


Happiness is a huge part of healthy living so, get out-and-about in 2015 and socialize!  Hancock County is never lacking in things to do, there are always unique and fun events happening.  Check out what is occurring this weekend in our “What’s Happening, Hancock County” news post, updated every Thursday, or, see our Event Calendar for all that Hancock County has to offer you!

Good luck with your healthy living goals in 2015!  For more healthy living options check out our blog posts locations that offer healthy choices, where to exercisegluten free options in Hancock Countyeating vegetarian in Findlay and how to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions in Findlay.

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