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healthy livingThe most popular New Year’s Resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle.  In Hancock County there are many opportunities to do just that.  Every week we will be featuring a different way for healthy living in Hancock County and this week we are featuring locations that offer healthy options in Hancock County!

Vitamins and Supplements

If you have a desire to start living a healthier lifestyle and are looking for healthy options, vitamins and supplements are an easy place to start!  Paired with a healthy diet, different vitamins and supplements can help with losing weight, boosting energy and a variety of other positive effects.  There are many locations in Hancock County in which you can purchase your vitamins and supplements, such as Apple-A-Day and The Wellspring Store.   Apple-A-Day has two locations in Findlay, one located on South Blanchard and the other inside Great Scot on Broad, while The Wellspring Store is located in Downtown Findlay. Not only does Apple-A-Day have vitamins and supplements but they also have all-natural home products, lotions and oils, and locally grown snacks and products!

Local and Organic Options

Healthy living means many things, and one of those things is taking stock of what you are consuming.  While choosing to put down the cookies and pick up the garnola at the grocery store many make sense, it is also important to consider purchasing local and organic produce and products.  If you are looking to create your own meals, Brinkman’s Country Corner offers local produce and meats whenever seasonally possible.  If you are looking to eat out but still want to eat local, consider Stix!  Stix is an eclectic, asian-fusion restaurant in Downtown Findlay who sources most of their ingredients from local sources (and it is amazing!).  We Serve. Coffee is a great spot to grab a hot drink in Downtown Findlay.  We Serve. Coffee has fantastic salads for a lunch option as well!  It is hard to choose the best part about We Serve. Coffee.  Not only do they get all of their coffee from organic and sustainable coffee farms but, 100% profits go to local and global needs, which they choose each quarter.  Not only can you choose a healthy option but give back at the same time.

Healthy Meals

Making better choices about what you are eating is an obvious choice when pursuing healthy living.  Whether you want to cut back on gluten or go vegetarian, Hancock County has you covered.  At all of our restaurants in Hancock County there is sure to be healthy options for you to choose from.  If you are looking for a big and still delicious, change, check out Healthy Habits!  Healthy Habits is a health club that offers meal replacement shakes that are delicious and contain great nutrition.  Not only will Healthy Habits sell you a shake they will also educate you on the best way to get fit.  Healthy Habits offers free body analysis and bootcamps as well as weight loss and wellness classes.

Good luck with your healthy living goals in 2015!  For more healthy living options check out our blog posts on where to exercise in Hancock Countygluten free options in Hancock Countyeating vegetarian in Findlay and how to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions in Findlay.

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